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The Lord gives the Word:

"The women that publish the   
   Good News are a great host."                                         Psalm 68:11


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Mary Magdalene: The Vision

Ordained Minister, Author and Publisher, Sandra Cerda in her first screenplay, lovingly unveils the legacy
of one of the most loved, yet misunderstood women in Bible history, Mary Magdalene. 

     In her heart pounding story, you will be taken on a journey through decades from childhood to the Cross and Ascension of Christ, and final years abroad. With Historic accuracy, passionate descriptions portray the legend of Mary Magdalene, bringing it to life.  Through loving portrayals of her youth and continual encounters with Christ, to the Cross and ultimately a preaching Evangelist, follow the footsteps of Mary, beloved Apostle to the Apostles, and experience this human depiction of redemptive love and life in Christ Jesus, through His immeasurable mercy and grace.  


  " Following the traces offered in the Holy Scriptures, I began a quest to find the truth of this woman who so passionately, and devotedly served the Lord. Who was she? Why did she love the Lord, so? Why did her devotion to Him and His truth endure through the whole of her life, decades past the Ascension?  Come with me and journey through the days of Jesus and the sound of His voice in the land."  ~ Sandra Cerda


   Through this and multiple other Faith & Family Based Films currently in Development,
we are poised and ready to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the Arts & Entertainment Industry.  With, above all Unity among every Team member and our joint efforts, many continue to join and partner with this force.


     MARY MAGDALENE by Sandra Cerda, is that Film. 
These Projects are that Force.


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Sandra's work includes her non-profit, New Life Ministries  Click, for Details!

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