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Faith In God Films 

New Life Media, a subsidiary of New Life Ministries began in early 2017 after my return to, and  the growth and expansion of, my work in the Arts & Entertainment Industry. As a writer of Faith Based content I knew I played a critical part in taking this mountain for the Lord!


Fig Films emerged as a result of multiple female-driven, multi-genre scripts and our need to protect our content as well as our films integrity. Not willing to exchange a business deal to produce our great films with the unethical, below par demands Producing Studios were prepared to impose, I decided to form our own Production Studio, hence Fig Films was born.

Additional works include a Sitcom, Post-Apocalyptic and True-to-Life Documentaries, Shorts and Features. Here is a short list of the current scripts that are in Development and/or Pre-Production. For a full list of Titles and how you can connect, support or attach please contact us and visit our IMDb page for more information, and attached talent.  Thank you.

Sandra Cerda
Producer, Writer



Ma'rostica! Capture The King!

The first human chess match comes to life in this masterful, witty, film in the 1454 Legend.

A local lord creates a safe-duel for two noblemen rivals over his daughters' hand: A Human Chess Match. Capture the King, Win the Girl!

An epic journey of fear and faith.

Historical Drama - Family




The Fires of Idyllwild

At an old resort for the rich will an Exec. for an Int'l Media platform escape the fires of the mountain town? Who started them and who poisoned her food? Will the odd community help her escape Idyllwild when colleagues disappear.

Thriller - Mystery - Faith over Fear

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Twisted Sister

Suffering misdiagnosis, a woman's past resurfaces after multiple tragedies trigger her. When several disappearances overwhelm her town, a local detective discovers a familiar link. What you fear, comes.

Thriller - Mystery - Faith over Fear


I Am Magdalene

When a forsaken woman is offered a second chance by a radical Jewish healer, her newfound faith strengthens her to conquer persecution and war in First Century Rome. The story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Based on the book, Mary Magdalene: A Historic Novel.


Historical Drama 

Film Site: www.MaryMagdalene.Film



The House

A woman experiences strange phenomenon in her new home. Determined to uncover the truth unlocks a familiar past, shaking her faith when she learns she shares an open door with the previous owner. 

Thriller - Mystery - Faith over Fear

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