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Sandra Cerda

Creative Visionary
 and Executive Producer


SANDRA CERDA  - Visionary & Executive Producer for The Mary Magdalene Project, Sandra moves in the Five-Fold Ministry Gifts, and is fluid in the Prophetic and in Spiritual Warfare.  A Preacher,
Author and Publisher Sandra Cerda is first an Ordained Minister by the laying on of hands,
through the ministry of the late John Osteen, Lakewood Church in Houston, Tx.

  Her story as an Overcomer of multiple, devastating  and life threatening odds has been broadcast over the years, through Daystar, TBN, 700 Club and Heart to Heart with Contemporary Christian Music Artist, Sheila Walsh.  Mrs. Walsh generously highlights a great portion of Sandra's story in her book, "Life is Tough but God is Faithful", with interviews by Joni Lamb, and special video testimonial (by the 700 Club team) of her personal story and more.  Her Spiritual Mother, Dodie Osteen has been a great personal strength and inspiration to her, having first come to the Lord through their ministry.

Sandra served as City Organizer for the 1994-1995 Global March for Jesus for the City of Houston, drawing over 18,000 and 21,000 worshipers and hundreds of churches in a Unified Global March.  She Organized and Coordinated the Evangelistic Outreaches for the Event, working alongside the A.D. 2000 Prayer Movements, Mission Houston 2000, and hundreds of pastors from the Houston area and region.

Sandra Cerda is Founding Pastor of New Life Ministries in Texas since 1991, and Founding Director of The Gathering of Warriors Crusades, (Gatherings of Prophetic Spiritual Warfare and great demonstrations of the move of the Holy Spirit). She serves the Church/Non-Profit Organization in Administration, Publishing & Media branches and Food Distribution/Emergency Food Assistance. 

Her Organization provides Fiscal Sponsorship for Film, Music, Publishing and the Arts.  She is the Editor in Chief for New Life Publishing and Executive Producer for New Life Media.


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