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Behind The Scenes

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Magdalene Products

When developing the story for Mary Magdalene, I decided  to explore some of the scents and products used in the 1st Century Galilee.


Set along the beautiful coast of the Sea of Galilee, merchant traders traveled through these ports bringing valuable items with them. It is believed the valuable, priceless and costly Alabaster flask, and Genuine Nard may also have come through these trade routes, along with salts, spices and wares. 


With that in mind, we set out to create Products that would compliment
the story of Mary Magdalene and further enrich the journey in
is covering her story.  


All these Products are Natural Organic and free of chemical additives, using Recycled Packaging Products.  These items offer natural benefits,
with their base in Olive and Sweet Almond Oils.  Bases such as Goat Milk,
Shea Butter and Glycerin; Items such as Natural Soaps & Balms,
Foot-soaks, Anointing Oils, Salts, Linen Sprays, Children's Soaps,
Shampoos, Conditioners and more!


See our Therapeutic, Natural/Organics Line of Products, through our
Mary Magdalene Collection.  

Great relief for troubled, irritated skin like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, shingles and more!  Subscribe to our Mary Magdalene Newsletter for Updates, Partner Incentives, Ordering Information & more.


The Mary Magdalene Brand includes Art, technology enhanced products, Alabaster Jewelry, Apparel, and other wonderful items. 
Product Testers receive quality, packaged, hand-crafted products.

Join the Executive Team of Investors and Partners for insight and Behind-The-Scenes information on more wonderful Products that continue in Development.  Contact us through our Invitation link Form on how you can become a Magdalene Product Tester.  Find the Product page on Facebook @MagdaleneProducts

Contact us directly at:


"One thing stands firm, she is a woman forever changed by those great encounters with Jesus. I am all for a great story but am a stickler for the Truth; I think that you have done a wonderful job of this and love your storytelling abilities! You truly are a writer of His passion."

"Beautiful. Impressive. Impactante!"

"Suenos Del Barrio" Foundation, Puerto Rico

“Sandra's impressive and well researched portrayal of the life of Mary Magdalene, delivers an eloquent illustration that so vibrantly brings her story to life.  Sandra Cerda's Mary Magdalene is a brilliant and beautifully written story that will lead you to a deeper capacity for love."  

President, Legacy Psalm 78:4
Dallas, Texas
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